Tina Hauser *1967 lives and works in Mühlehorn, Switzerland
1967 Born in the canton of Glarus, Switzerland, raised in Näfels, Switzerland
Sculptur studies

1990 - 1993 Apprenticeship in stone sculpture
1995 - 1999 Fine Art and Photography at the College of Art and Design
Lucerne, Switzerland
1999 - 2003 Studied sculpture at Düsseldorf Art Academy, Germany, with Prof. Klaus Rinke
Tutor under Klaus Rinke “Meisterschüler” (honor student) of Prof. Klaus Rinke

Solo Exhibitions

2005/2006 Museum Bickel, Walenstadt, Switzerland
2004/2005 Ziegelbrücke, Switzerland, Atelier in der alten Spinnerei, "Schlackbilt" (cinder object) No. 7
2003 Sion, Switzerland Musée Cantonal des Beaux, Arts, "A Garden of Many Pleasures“
2002 Glarus, Switzerland, Art Academy “Fokus: Tina Hauser”
1997 Lucerne, Switzerland, College for Design and Art, refreshment room, “Lustvoll”

Group Exhibitions

2007 Cologne, Germany, Rheinpark, “The Other Side”
2007 Düsseldorf, Germany, Hall 6 Gallery Christine Hölz
2006 Cologne, Germany, plan project 06 “How We Will Live. Living Utopia for the 21st Centure”
2006 Boston, USA Gallery Space Other “The Garden”
2006 Näfels, Switzerland, Art Academy Glarus as guests of the Freuler Palace, “Women of Glarus” 2006
Lucerne, Switzerland KKL, Museum of Art Lucerne, “Second Time”
2005 Aaelggi Alp – “Periphery as the Center”, Swiss Artist Association
2005 Zurich, Switzerland, Löwen Brewery grounds, Gallery Fabian & Claude Walter, “Cement Spirits”
2004 Düsseldorf, Germany Hall 6, Gallery Christine Hölz, “Reenactments”. Young Düsseldorf photographers
2004 Düsseldorf, Germany, Bunker Church , “Leonids Freedom”
2003 Walenstadt, Switzerland, Bickel Museum
2003 Tokyo, Japan, The Sato Museum of Art, “C__O__O__P Nr. 2 Meeting Point
2003 Tokyo, Japan, Spics Museum “Camp”
2002 Nancy, France, Le Garage, “C__O__O__P nr. 1”
Düsseldorf, Germany Art Academy “C__O__O__P”
Glarus, Switzerland, Art Academy, “Annual Exhibition”
2001 Düsseldorf, THATELIER, “Tempory Installations”
2001 Düsseldorf, Atelier hoch2, “Artist Rendition”
2001 Nancy, France, Le Garage, "Fret“
2001 Pougues-les-Eaux, Center of Contempory Art, "Campus Thermal"
2001 Düsseldorf, Art Academy, room 22, “Hot Spot”
2001 Cologne, Germany, Gallery Rachel Haferkamp, “Four Ledgends”
2001 Düsseldorf, Germany, Art Academy, “Tour 2001”
2001 Founding of the International Artists Association C__O__O__P”
2000 Düsseldorf, Germany WP 8, “Show Me Your....Erotic Drawings”
Engelberg, Switzerland Talmuseum, “Aspect Portrait”
Düsseldorf, Germany Art Academy, "Tour 2000“
1999 Zurich, Switzerland, Bellerive Museum “Lingerie – an Underworld”
Lucerne, Kunstmuseum, Open Spaces 96 – 99, "Lou“
1998 Glarus, Switzerland, Art Academy, “Annual Exhibition”

Art of public areas

1999 Oberurnen, mortuary chapel “Gardien”
1998 Sculptured illustration: Freiberg Wildlife Preserve Kärpf, Switzerland “Nine Companions” 1995/1998
1995 Sculptured illustration: New Glarus, Wisconsin, USA, “Walking Stick”


2002 Artist’s Award, Bickel Museum, Walenstadt, Switzerland
2001 Artist’s Award, Art Academy Glarus, Switzerland
1998 Creative Award, Canton Glarus, Switzerland
1997 Schindler Foundation, Switzerland


International Artist’s Forum, “Idyllen”
Editor: Sven Drühl and Oliver Zybok
International Artist’s Forum “Müllkunst”
Editor: Paolo Bianchi
Art Academy Sion, Switzerland – Exhibition Catalogue
Editor: Swiss Artist’s Association
Reenactment – young photographers from Düsseldorf “Exhibition Catalogue”
Editor: Gallery Christine Hölz
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